Since most of us are  having a VERY COLD Winter, these are some poems that Dad wrote in the Winter of 1972!!!
"Winter Breakfast"

Breakfast on a winter morning,
Seems the best one of them all!
Buckwheat cake's and sausage frying,
While outside upon the wall,

The temperature is five past zero,
And there's nothing you can do,
Except sit there and eat your hot cakes,
While it slowly climbs to two!

E.H. Coe 1972
"Winter Morning"

Sunday on a winter morning,
And the sky so clear and bright.
Weather down below the zero,
Everything all frozen tight.
Water pipes, that will need thawing,
Windows ice'd up from the cold.
Should stayed in bed, but can't do it,
For I know what this day holds.
Start the cars, they may be frozen,
Check the drains, they may be too.
Call the kids, they may have trouble,
You may have to see them through.
So it goes on Sunday morning,
On a cold, cold winter day.
By the time things get unfrozen,
Warmer weather's on the way!

E.H. Coe 1972
Louise, the poem that you wrote at the top of this page is JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!  Visit her site and read more of her poems!!!
Midi Playing "White As Snow"