We will turn our clocks BACK One Hour, Sunday, Oct. 29th. 2006 at 2:00am. Now, We "SPRING FORWARD, FALL BACK". When Dad wrote this poem, it was a little different!! Here is what Dad had to Say!!
"Time Change"

It now breaks dawn at five o'clock,
But soon will come the change.
They'll set the clocks, one hour ahead,
New schedule's they'll arrange.
Then we'll get up while it's daylight,
And go to bed the same.
They call it Daylight Saving's Time,
While we wonder who's to blame!

E.H. Coe 1972
To read the History of Daylight Saving's Time, click the clock!!
Dad also wrote a poem about
"Gas Rationing". Thought You might want to read this one too!!
"Gas Rationing"

Now finally they have brought gas ration,
To this Great, Free Loving Nation.
Men who lied to get our vote's,
Will now shove rationing, down our throats.
And while we try to do without,
They'll make a lot of noise and shouts.
And when we finally see the light,
The price of gas will be a fright.
For profits high, then will be made,
By large concerns, all who have paid.
To help get Politicians, votes,
So they'd shove rationing, down Our throats.

E.H. Coe 1973
First oil embargo by OPEC companies creates chaos in United States. The average American car was getting 15 miles to the gallon at the time; gas rationing often meant two or three gallons per visit.
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