Here is another poem that Dad wrote about "Our Thanksgiving Dinner" AND, how We All "Filled the Table"!!!
"Thanksgiving Dinner"

The pie's all spicy and sitting in view,
The turkey all plump, sitting there too.
And all of the other good things to eat,
Filling the table, all trim and neat.
Grandma in the kitchen, in her gay, happy mood,
Knowing that all will enjoy Her Great Food!

And around the great table, without one spot bare,
They'll gather to wait for the Thanksgiving Prayer.
That Grandma will say, Thanking God for His Blessing,
Then all will devour the Turkey and Dressing!

E.H. Coe 1978

"November is here",
Say's the squirrel in the trees.
"We have our nuts hoarded,
Deep neath the leaves".
"November is here",
Say's the corn in the shuck,
"We're all huddled closely,
The winter to mock".
"November is here",
Say's the birds in the brush.
"And soon all the hunters,
Through the dry leaves will rush"!
"November is here",
Say's the Turkey so gay.
"And I am the King,
When it's Thanksgiving Day"!
"November is here",
And with pride in his eye,
The Pumpkin say's, "I'll make
A Grand Pumpkin Pie"!!

E.H. Coe 1973
Midi playing " I Thank You Lord"

Happy Thanksgiving!!
AND, Pray for All of Our Troops!