Now that Summer is finally here, this is a poem that Dad wrote about it!
Hope you enjoy reading it!!!
"Summer's Here"

Summer's here,
With red-wing blackbirds, perching on the fence,
And tall green corn in rows, so straight and strong.
With green beans in the garden to be picked,
And hear the night birds, sing their evening song.

Summer's here,
And see the golden wheat, that must be cut,
With distant noise of cattle on the hill.
The loon across the lake, blends in his call,
God's world at peace, and we are in His will.
Summer's here,
In the rustle of the leaves in every tree,
The sun, a bright orange ball, and the morning dew.
Wetly silvering everything at dawn,
God's blessings, and these are but a few.

E.H. Coe 1975
We Can Always Overcome If We Are:

Able to suffer without complaining
To be misunderstood without explaining
Able to endure without breaking
To be forsaken without forsaking
Able to give without receiving

To be ignored without any grieving
Able to ask without commanding
To love dispite misunderstanding
Able to turn to the Lord for guarding
Able to wait for His own rewarding
And If We

Count our garden by the flowers
Never by the leaves that fall
Count our days by golden hours
Don't remember clouds at all

Count our nights by stars, not shadows
Count our years with smiles, not tears
Count our blessings, not our troubles
Count our age by friends, not years