Here are poems that Dad wrote about His Grandkids! Dad LOVED writing poems about Them!! Hope you enjoy these Christmas Poems from "Santa's" Point of View!!!

"St. Nick's Visit"

Said Old St. Nick to one of the Elve's,
"Now I have a trip to make.
Since Christmas is getting so very close,
I'll visit two boys on the Lake."
"Their Mother and Father think at times
That they might be acting bad.
And if this is the case, you see,
I'm going to be real sad."
"For I have some presents that they should get,
If their behavior has been pretty good.
But if, like Mother thinks, they've been bad,
Then we'll have to lay on the wood."
"And I'll give their presents to someone else,
Who deserve's them more than they.
So when they find they've lost their gifts,
It will spoil their Christmas Day."

But when Santa came, both boys were asleep,
With an innocent look on their face.
And Santa said, "Ho,Ho,Ho,these boys can't be bad!
I've certainly got the wrong place!"

Now both of you boys have fooled Old St. Nick,
So you better be good as can be.
Cause if Santa find's out you've been bad again,
There won't be any gifts neath the tree!!

E.H. Coe
"Santa's Visit"

Said Santa, "It will do no harm,
For me to slip down on the farm,
And see that boy who's name is Sam,
And also see his sister Cam."
So down he came, and he was glad,
For Sam was helping work with Dad.
And Cam, he saw, she did not shirk,
But helped her Mother with the work.
So rest assured, the gifts will be,
Underneath the Christmas Tree.
Cause Santa saw they understood,
And both were being very good!!

E.H. Coe
"Although report's I get are good,
I've got to know it's understood,
That certainly it would be sad,
If they were acting very bad."