Let's Dance!!
Dad could write some funny poems!! This is one that he wrote about the kids, their hair, and their music back in the 70's!!!
Hope you like it!!!
"Radio Music"

Just turn on your radio,
And you will always hear,
Music with no sense to it,
Or Hillbilly, it's clear.
Pretty songs we used to know,
We don't hear anymore.
And if you turn the music off,
The kids will all get sore.
They dig this crazy, crazy stuff,
And have to have it loud.
And then they don't enjoy it,
Unless they have a crowd.
And then they'll dance and shake around,
All acting real, real simple,
With long hair dangling from on top,
Their head, I call a pimple!!
They don't like the music,
Enjoyed by people older.
They just dig this crazy stuff,
That makes them bold and bolder!

E. H. Coe 1972