These are poems that Dad wrote about the Viet Nam War and the way  He felt about it. Dad's Grandson Tim, U.S. Marine Corps, Served in Desert Storm. We are PROUD of All Our Service Men and Women AND, ALL of OUR VETERANS!!!

Our Prisoners are back,
But we're left in the air.
Our Prisoners are back,
But no Privates are there.

Officers free,and we're glad they are,
But, where are the Privates,
Who outnumbered them far?

Fifty thousand never came back,
Brave men, our Country can't spare,
Now we have our Prisoners released,
Yet,we find no Privates are there.
It seems such a pity,
But then, let us be frank.
The important one's home now,
Not the men in the ranks.

Our Prisoners are free,
But we're strangely aware.
Our Prisoners are free,
But no Privates are there.

E.H. Coe 1973
"Seventy Thousand"

Seventy thousand men left home,
To serve their Country well.
Seventy thousand men now must,
Be suffering in their hell.

For they their Country did disgrace,
Before a wondering World.
So never, never may they see,
The Star's and Stripe's unfurled.
The seventy thousand must regret,
So far away from home,
Knowing that their cowardice,
Must ever make them roam.

E.H. Coe 1972

With peace declared, and prisoner's free,
Some families,once again will see
Loved one's, whom they thought were lost,
Whom they thought paid the terrible cost.
Of fighting, so man could be free,
To live and think, as it should be.
While others, still held in suspense,
To them, this war did not make sense.
They gave Loved One's, who gave their all,
To see that freedom did not fall.
Not knowing if he's through death's door,
Or if he's still, Prisoner of War.
So they'll go on,hope never dies,
They're people such as You and I.
Perhaps some day, Dear God will see,
And let them know, He set Him Free.

E.H. Coe 1973

This is a Loving poem, That A Sweet Friend, Cecelia, wrote for Her Son! It will Touch Your Heart!
"My Son"

I let you go as my heart broke in two
To see you standing in that crowded bus;
That took you and many more
So very far away from us.

Many months you spent across the sea
Fighting a war the world frowned upon;
Protestors were burning the Flag
While you offered your life, My Son.

My God protected you while there
As we prayed for you each day and night;
While the rest of the World
Left you and the others to end the fight.

While you fought over there for Liberty
And there were the Medals you earned;
But you returned to a cold, cold World
In a war that the public spurned.

You never talked about this time
And I know you still have troubled dreams;
You deserved so many more Thanks
From a cold, unfeeling World, it seems.

Some young men and women gave all
And even They got no acclaim;
Until many more years later
Which in essence seems so Lame.

Thank God You came home, My Son
No one will ever know My Pain;
Of seeing My Only Son go to war
I am Forever Grateful, You Returned Safely Again.

Cecelia M. Gross

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