"Lonely Prayer"

Sitting alone in her rocking chair,
Rocking alone in this place of care.
Wondering if Loved One's will come today,
Just a visit from them, is all She prays.
Mom and Dad would visit Many people that lived in Nursing Homes and They did enjoy doing that very much! Mom and Dad would talk with them and then, Pray with them. Here are a couple of poems that Dad wrote about Their Visits.
"The Hero"

The old man sitting in his room,
Amid of grayish tints of gloom.
You feel so sorry, for his sake,
For he a sorry figure makes.
But listen now, here is his story,
He's living in his day of glory.
He'll tell you with old eye's that shine,
Of fighting down to take the Rhine.
Now listen well, for you will see,
How he helped make the History,
In our Great War on German soil,
You'll hear his heartaches, and his toils,

Now, do not smirk, he does not lie,
For in a box, way up there high,
Are Medals, Ribbons, which attest,
He's earned this long, though bitter rest.
For in this room, A prisoner,
He, with both legs severed at the knee,
Awaits the gentle, peaceful rest,
When Death will clasp him to her breast.

E.H. Coe 1973
This next one is the Words to a Song that a Sweet Lady, Owita, sent to me. She wrote,
"I think I'll share a song I wrote about a lady, in her eighty's, at our church. One day at her house, her son said, "She won't come and live with a one of us. She just wants to Stay  By Herself"... and his Mother said,
"I'm Not By Myself"
In the following weeks, every once in a while...I would think of what she said... "I'm not by myself" and soon after... wrote a song and gave it to her son".

"I'm Not By Myself"

I'm not by myself...we heard her softly say.
Please don't pity me...I'm HAPPY every day.
I'm not by myself...My Dearest Friend walks with me.
Look a little closer, dear...And, My Lord you will see.
She's in her eightys now...And Children, and
Grandchildren...worry some.
Each one has said..."Please come live with us...
We'll make you...sooo welcome".
But,she just sweetly smiles...and says "I'm doin well"..

I hope you enjoy these Words to the Song,
As Much as I did!!!
Thank YOU, Owita!!
Just Beautiful!!!

Midi Playing "How Beautiful"
Midge is another Friend who painted this Beautiful Picture.
Don't forget to visit Her site to see Her Beautiful Art!!
Thank you, Angel Heart!!
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She misses them Lord, it's on Her face,
She Loves them Lord, from in this place.
Please Lord, Just answer her as she prays,
Let some of Her Loved One's, visit today.

E.H. Coe 1978