Happy Valentine's Day!!

These are two more poems that Dad wrote about February and Leap Year!!
Hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day!!!

The shortest month in all the Year,
February at last is here.
Birthday month of two great one's,
Lincoln and George Washington.
St. Valentine's Day come's with you,
And Groundhog's Day, what will he do?
And Leap Year come's also this year,
February, we're glad you're here.

E.H. Coe 1972
"Leap Year"

Now if you're single, enjoying life,
And do not want yourself a wife.
Watch what you do, and what you say,
It's getting close to Leap Year Day.
Leap Year Day is still the same,
A single man is just fair game.
For any girl who has the nerve,
To grab him as he try's to swerve.
So watch your step, don't take a chance,
You might end up in a romance!

E.H. Coe 1972
This is a poem that my Friend Martha's Neighbor Girl, Maddie, wrote for Martha's Hubby!! Hope you enjoy reading this one too!!
Maddie is a Junior in High School!!

Across the yard,
Through the pine  trees,
Behind the brick wall,

Sits a man;
A very strong man,
with two strong hands.

His feet encased in  steel-toed boots
And he is holding his coffee black.

He wears his bare head well.

Awake before the birds in his backyard.

His voice seemed big when I was small
And when he held my hand I was safe.

He could fix anything.

And now when I see him across the yard
I am overwhelmed with love.
Love that I didn't know my heart was capable of.

So his hand I will hold
And head I will kiss
And hope he knows how grateful I am
To have someone so wonderful
living next to me.

Maddie 2003