We love Our Parents very much!! But, back in our younger days, this is what Dad had to say!!!.
"Good Old Mom"

Good old Mom, in a pinch she sure is dandy,
And it's certainly nice to have her real handy.
If the kids get sick, she knows what to do,
Whether cutting teeth, or just plain old flu.
She'll watch your kids, if you have to go,
Put buttons on or your clothes she'll sew.
If you ask if she's busy she'll just say,
" No, I'll watch the kiddies today".
If you have a problem, take it to Mother,
She'll try to help more than any other.
But if she asked you to go to church, I would suggest,
Just once in a while try to say yes.
Then she would know, before it's too late,
The things that she does you appreciate.

E.H. Coe 1971
This was one of Mom's favorite songs!!!!!
"It Is Well With My Soul"