When our children were younger, we bought them a pony!! They named her Flicka!! They sure did Love  that Pony!! In the Spring, she had a "Baby"!! And, that is what they named her, "Babe"!! Mom and Dad Loved  to watch them ride Flicka!! Dad even wrote a poem about her!!!


How many times,
The little ones,
Enjoyed being in the barn.
To feed you,
Corn and apples,
Never fearing from you harm.
Or take a ride,
Upon your back,
And you'd so gentle be.
But now you're gone,
And you'll be missed,
By all of them, and me.
But they'll feel better,
When they know,
That Ponies, such as you,
Have beautiful,
Green pastures,
That they are taken to.

E. H. Coe 1972

This page is dedicated to my Children, Sam and Cammy!!!! Hope it brings back some Happy
I Love You Both!!!!