The main image is from Jehs
Mom and Dad loved their fireplace. They used it all winter long. They especially loved it at Christmas time!!!
"Cozy Fireplace"

Pile on the wood, start a bright warm fire,
Look into the flames, see your heart's desire.
Gather all the wood, nothing must you waste,
See how you enjoy, your cozy fireplace.

Pile high the logs, Christmas time is here,
Brightly burns the fire, at this time of year.
At this fire warm, good friends you will embrace,
All these good things happen at your cozy fireplace.

House all decorated, presents piled neat,
Christmas tree so pretty, you've not seen it's beat.
Everything is ready, there's no need for haste,
Slow down and you'll really love, your cozy fireplace.

E. H. Coe 1978
The main image is from Jehs
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