I think we all have Fond Memories of Easter with Mom and Dad! The Grandkids helped color the eggs and we had an Easter egg hunt on Sunday afternoon, After Church!! And, Easter baskets too!! Hope you enjoy Dad's poems!!!
"Colored Eggs"

It's time to color Easter Eggs,
In all the pretty shades.
To decorate the baskets,
For little lads and maids!
To these we'll add some speckled eggs,
Made from sweet, sweet candy.
And then a chocolate rabbit,
The kids all think's just dandy!

Underneath there'll be some straw,
In all the colors bright.
Covered with clear plastic,
It's got to be just right!
Now some folks think this foolish,
But their pardon I do beg!
It just would not be Easter,
Without the colored eggs!!

E.H. Coe 1972
Mom ALWAYS helped at the Church making Candy Easter Eggs too!!!
"Candy Eggs"

Candy eggs, with names on top,
Some for everyone, it's true!
Name's like  Helen, Jane and Pop,
Dorothy, Mikki, Sonn and Sue.
Flavored cherry and vanilla,
Chocolate mint and maple cream.
And although you know it's Easter,
It seems just like a dream!

E.H. Coe 1972
Bunnies from Animation Grove!