This is a funny poem that Dad wrote about After Christmas!!! I'm sure that some Parents know what Dad was talking about!
Hope you enjoy this one!!
"Christmas Past"

"Now Christmas is over"
Said Mother to Dad.
"I don't like to say it,
But, I think we've been had".

"For the kid's acted swell,
Right up to last night.
Ever since then all they've
Done 's fuss and fight".
"They let Santa go home,
Thinking they were just swell.
But since he's been gone,
All they've done's cry and yell".
"If we could get Santa back here Christmas night,
His twinkling old eyes would see such a sight.
The pretty wrapped toys all tore to bits,
The kids mean and nasty, and all having fits.
If he could just see this mess we have here,
I don't think he'd bring any presents next year"!!!

E.H. Coe 1971