Dad wrote many, many poems! This is
one he wrote about "Chicken Pox"!!

"Chicken Pox"

There is an epidemic,
Going through our town.
And it is getting to
The children all around.

Now this may happen to them,
Even though they take their chocks.
It's a miserable old sickness,
They call the Chicken Pox!
The kids break out with red spots,
Before your very eyes.
So if you see some on your kids,
Do not be surprised!
Dimpled Cammy, caught it first,
And missed alot of school.
Then the others got it,
Your eyes it could not fool!
And Sam, he thought he missed it,
But was taken by surprise.
Because he saw the red spots,
Right before his eyes!
But it will soon be over,
And back to school they'll be.
And they won't want more Chicken Pox,
They're  nasty, don't you see!

E.H. Coe 1972
Midi Playing
"Chicken Dance"

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