When the Grandkids were  younger, All of us would ice skate, or try!,in front of Mom and Dad's house! Those were the "Good Old Days"!
Here are two poems that Dad wrote about
"Our Ice Skating Days"!!

"Canal Skating"

Sharpen up your skates,
Get yourself a pal.
We will all go skating,
Down the old Canal.
Weather's nice and cold,
Ice will be just right.
We will all go skating,
And skate till late tonight.
We'll skate the old Canal,
Right down to the Lake.
We'll hope the ice is strong,
And that it doesn't break.
We'll build a fire large,
To give us all some heat,
Then we all can warm,
Our fingers and our feet!

E.H. Coe 1972

Hurry, Hurry, don't be late,
Get your pair of winter skates.
All the kids are at the pond,
Where there's ice to skate upon.
Bon fire burning, for the heat,
To warm our fingers and our feet.
Skating, skating, we'll enjoy,
Skating with each girl and boy.

E.H. Coe 1972
Thank You, Lin!!
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