Dad did Enjoy writing Halloween Poems!! Here is another one that Dad wrote!!! Hope you enjoy it!!
"Begger's Night"

The goodies out, the apples shined,
They're sitting on a tray.
Waiting for the Beggers,
Who's sure to come this way!
Some with black soot on their face,
Others dressed so neat.
Searching out each bright lite home,
Begging for their treat!
Some dressed like cats,
Some dressed like owls,
And sprinkled in between,
A couple dressed like Knights of old,
And one dressed like a Queen!
Then one small voice, I could not see,
A voice that I hold Dear.
Said "Come, we cannot miss this house,
For My Grandpa, lives here"!

E.H. Coe 1973
Graphics from B & J's!!