Mom and Dad celebrated New Year's Eve by going out for an early dinner and then, coming home and watching Guy Lombardo!!
Hope you enjoy these New Year Poems of Dad's!!!
"Year's End-Old Friend's"

As the old year slowly finds it's end,
I think about my many friends.
Friends,who like jewels, in a crown,
Let their friendship shine all around.
Their smile and handclasp,that you need,
To help you through bad times indeed.
And also, when there's joy to share,
You always want these good friends there.
These are the friends, who have a way,
Of knowing what to do and say.
Indeed we're rich, with friends so true,
These friends, which God gives me and you.

E.H. Coe 1972
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Guy Lombardo!!
"New Year's Day"

On New Year's Day, King Football,
Climbs upon his throne.
Take's over all the T.V. sets,
In everybody's home.
It's bowl game here, bowl game there,
And runs from morn till night.
The football fans all gather in,
It really is a fright!
The women all get nervous,
This football's gotta go!
Their only interest in this is,
To watch another show!!

E.H. Coe 1972
Holly Rose from Dawn's!
I Wish You All a SAFE, HEALTHY, and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007!!!