This first poem that Dad wrote will make us all think about the Christmas Season!! And, another poem that Dad wrote about "By Gone Days"!!!
"With Our Heart"

As Christmas time comes,
And the glad season starts,
We Love with our heads
Instead of our hearts.
For as we see the needs,
Of folks, we just start,
To give from our heads
Instead of our hearts.
So as Christmas comes,
This fact it imparts,
We serve God with our heads,
Instead of our hearts.
So maybe this Christmas,
As Christ Jesus, said,
We'll love with our hearts
Instead of our heads.

E.H. Coe 1981

"By Gone Days"

The roaring old train,
Steams out of the past.
With memories of smoke, soot,
And whistle's sharp blast.
A legend itself,
In those long ago days.
When riding a train,
Was really the craze.

E.H. Coe 1981
Mom and Dad took us on many train rides and Oh, what fun that was!!!!
Thank You Again Andrea, For ALL Of Your Hard Work!!!