Yes, I Love the Flintstones!! When Our Son, Sam, was a Baby, I got him, for His First Christmas, a set of "The Flintstones"!! There were only Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty, back in the 60's!! I wish now that I still had that set!! This is a poem that Dad wrote, talking about Sam!!!

As I watch Sam, My Grandson fishing,
I find I catch myself a wishing.
That I could be more like young Sam,
Than being just the way I am.
For Sam, you see, is in his teens,
And love of life in Sam is keen.
For work and play to Sam's the same,
Fame and fortune, not his game.
He tackles work the same as play,
And he can do this day on day.
Now I am sure a lucky man,
To have a Grandson like young Sam.
"Now I'll do this, you rest awhile",
And I look at Sam and have to smile.
For looking back, I'm down right glad,
I said the same thing to my Dad.

E.H. Coe

How fast time fly's, as one grows old,
The hours, seem to say.
Hurry now, do all you can,
You won't catch us today.
Yet I remember, years ago,
A small child in his play.
Wondered in a childlike way,
How slow the long, long day.
How long it takes the winter time,
To meet the gentle spring.
How long it seems till Easter-time,
With all the fresh new things.
How long it is till school is out,
How slowly, comes July.
How time does drag till Christmas time,
I wish the time would fly.
Perhaps, it's cause, when we are young,
The race has just begun.
For when we're old, we surely know,
the race is nearly run.

E.H. Coe 1973
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All The Grandkids LOVED to spend the night at Mom and Dad's!! This is one poem that Dad wrote about them spending the night!!!
"Late Hours"

Little eye's that's sadly drooped,
All the life that was so gay.
Now is gone, they're all worn out,
No energy to play.
Where only just an hour ago,
All the life was there, and more!
Rough and ready, they were then,
Playing on the floor.
Jumping, yelling, quite content,
To let you scream in vain.
But now to hear their sighs and moans,
You'd think they were in pain.
Tiredness and sleep has taken,
Their energy, and they're in shock!
For the clock upon the mantle,
Say's it's twelve o'clock!!

E.H. Coe 1974