"Wearin Of The Green"

Saint Patrick's Day , the Shamrock, the Wearin of the Green,
Leprechauns, the Little Folks, of Irish Eyes, We Dream.

For sure We Love the Dear Old Sod, where Rests the Barney Stone,
We Love this Day because We Dream of Ireland as Our Home.

The Bright, Shining, Greenish Isle, set in a Sea of Blue,
That's Loved by All True Irishmen, with Hearts, both Brave and True.

Now all these Folks are Proud you see, in a Special Irish Way,
Of being just Good Irishmen, on This, Saint Patrick's Day!

E. H. Coe 1980
Midi " Wearin Of The Green"!
Mom and Dad Loved St. Patrick's Day!!!
Here is another poem that Dad wrote about It!!