Dad also wrote Valentine poems for Mom too!! He was Very Romantic!!!, but, Dad meant every word that He said to Mom!!!

          is for Valentine, meaning just You.

          is for Always, to You I'll be True.

          is for Love, that I feel with Pride.

          makes it Enduring, with You by my Side.

          is for Never, from You will I Stray.

          is for Timeless, My Love of Today.

          is for Intertwined, Your Love and Mine.

          is for Now, Our Love is Our Bond.

          is for End, and I'll Love You Beyond.
E.H. Coe 1974
"My Valentine"

The most perfect rose,
Upon the vines,
No match for You, My Valentine.
And with in me,
Your Love's enshrined,
For ever Dear,
My Valentine.

E.H. Coe 1974

"My Valentine"

Always your heart, I'll enshrine,
My first and only Valentine.
My life you've brightened, made it shine,
Thank You, My Dear Valentine.
I look at you with heart that's gay,
And always to you Dear, I'll say
That our hearts are intertwined,
Making you, My Valentine.

E.H. Coe 1979

This is a picture of Mom and Dad, taken at  their 50th. Wedding Anniversary Party.
March 23, 1986
Thank You Again, Andrea!!