This is how Dad felt about Our Great Universe!!!
He could express himself Very Well!!!

The stars, the moon, the sun that shines,
The bees, the birds, the flowers devine.
The air, the water, the dew that falls,
The farm land beasts, both large and small.
The creatures of the oceans deep,
Animals of the mountains steep.
The creatures that live in the ground,
The insects that live all around.
The lightning, thunder, rain and snow,
The plants and trees, that round us grow.
All this we see, and yet we doubt,
That God's Great Love is all about.
Morning sunrise, evening skies,
Our ears, nose, mouth and eyes.
The rivers,lakes and oceans deep,
Our right to love, our chance to sleep.
Our Children and Grandchildren Dear,
The four fine seasons of the year.
To live, to think, and now we know,
God gave all this, He Loves Us So.

E.H.Coe 1972
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