At one time or another, Mom and Dad took all of the Grandkids to the Zoo. Dad wrote this poem about one of their trips!!!
"The Zoo"

We all went to the zoo today,
To see the monkeys at their play.
Also the birds, with colors bright,
The zebra striped both black and white.
The camel with his hump so tall,
And seals a playing with a ball.
The hippo large as any tank,
Moved in the water and slowly sank.
The reptile house with every kind
Of reptile with the cages lined,
Around the wall, and in one den,
Were alligaters, nine or ten.
Prairie dogs, so fat and sleek,
They'd make you take another peek.
And bears real fierce, they looked so neat,
As they reared up on both hind feet.
And fishes from such distant shores,
As Timbuktu and Singapore.
Turtles, wolves, goats and pigs,
Great apes, in their cages big.
Lions, tigers, and we can't
Forget about the elephant.
And kangaroos, who hopped about,
And before  we leave some good thing out,
We rode the bright and magic train,
Which rode us through the zoo again.
Who liked it most, we can't agree,
The six grandkids, you or me!!

E.H. Coe 1972

Thank you so much Tink!!!