Dad enjoyed writing "Ghost Stories" for the Grandkids. Here is one of them!
Happy Halloween!!
"The Old White Ghost"

The old white ghost, from up on the hill,
After darkness had fallen, came down very still.
To frighten the town folk, the young and the old,
And all of this waiting, had made him quite bold.

He slipped through the field of old farmer Brown,
Who lived on the outer most edge of town.
Staying in the deep shadows down Main St. he came,
To scare someone silly, for he had no shame.
Coming out on the square, he ran into some kids,
When he hollered "WHOOO", they did as kids did.
They all ran off screaming, in fear of their lives,
Now the old ghost was happy, and more he would strive.

So turning around, he saw a bright light,
Coming at him and it filled him with fright.
And seated on top of two wheels, so it seemed,
Was a dark hairy face, that's only in dreams.
With hair streaming back, and goggley eyes,
Now this ghost was scared and really surprised.
And all he could think of as he ran down the lane,
was the bold headless horseman of Icobod Crane.
Who rode through Sleepy Hollow, this time of the year,
Filling all those who saw him, with cold stifling fear.
And rushing from town, he thought this is the most,
As this frightened old goblin gave up the ghost

E.H.Coe 1979