Yes, Dad even wrote a poem about Turtles!! Hope you like this one!!!
"The Lowly Turtle"

The lowly turtle in the pond,
With nothing much to do.
But leaf around the pond all day,
So it appears to you.
Yet to this turtle, this is life,
To be lived in his way.
For he has things that he must do,
And he'll do it all the day.
The purpose that he makes in life,
To us may not seem clear.
The reasons clear to him above,
Our God, who put us here.
If God had plans for turtles,
Who work and rest in shade.
What plans he must have for man,
Who in his image made.

E.H. Coe 1972

Attention All Grandparents!!!
Never buy the Grandkids turtles Without asking!!! I made that Mistake and I still have those Two Turtles after 6 years!!!