Dad wrote this poem about his Grandson, Sam, and the Chickens!!! Hope you enjoy it!!
"The Chickens"

I laughed today, until I cried,
At my grandson and the chickens.
For he caught the same ones many times,
He really raised the dickens!
For they'd escape from their abode,
To run loose in the yard.
He chased them then, till they were caught,
He worked so very hard!
He'd put them back into the coop,
And they'd escape again.
Then he'd catch all, another time,
The same old nine or ten.
And then I thought, the problems that
We all confront in life,
Are like the chicks that flew the coop
And caused us so much strife.
For many times the same old ones,
We thought we had contained,
Had found a way to get out,
And try us once again.

E. H. Coe 1972

Everywhere you look you see,
A sight that makes you bitter.
For everywhere you look you see,
This filthy stuff called litter.
Old tin cans and paper cups,
Paper plates and bottles.
And with this litter all around,
Now's not the time to coddle.

Let's keep our trash where it belongs,
At home or in containers.
And see how nice the country looks,
And we'll all be the gainers.
Again we'll have clean countrysides,
Free from trash and litter.
Again things will be bright and clean,
And no one will be bitter.

E. H. Coe 1972
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