Mom prepared many, many Thanksgiving Dinners. This is a poem that Dad wrote about her. This song is another of Mom's favorites!!
"There's Just Something About That Name"

The table is set with definite care,
By willing hands that's ready to share
This Thanksgiving Dinner with those she loves.
She'll pray for them all to the Father above.
The work it takes, the pain she bears,
Will never be known to those whom she shares.
For her love will cover her pain and tears,
As we enjoy dinner with her here.

E.H. Coe 1978

Thanksgiving, with turkey, pudding and pie,
Enjoyed so immensely by folks, yet I sigh,
For I think that we sometimes give too much acclaim,
For the food that we have, instead, whence it came.

E.H. Coe 1973
Thank You again, Lady Care!!
I would like to add a poem that My Grandson, Derek, wrote for a school project. Derek was in the Fourth grade when he wrote this poem. Derek is now in the Fifth Grade. He is  11!  Great Grandpa would be so proud of you Derek and I am too!!! Very Good!!! I Love your poem!!!

At Thanksgiving the turkey is the favorite food,
But I don't think it likes being chewed!
Corn and pies and dinner rolls are others,
Fixed by all of Our Mothers.

During Thanksgiving we all give thanks,
Over at My Grandma's place.
The food she fixes is so good,
I would eat three of everything, if I could!
What is Thanksgiving all about?
Giving Thanks, no doubt!

Derek Weaver Nov. 2001

Thank You Lady Care and Andrea!! Derek Thanks You Too!!! They are both So Nice and I am So Proud of Him!!!

Thank You, Redbird Jan!!! Derek Loved it and so do I !!!