Dad wrote this Funny St. Patrick's Day poem!! Hope you enjoy it!!!
"Sure, And It's True"!

Sure, and it's true, McGinty was there,
In that Old Irish Town of Mullingar.
Enjoying some talk, and an old Irish tune,
Knowing that Casey would be there real soon!
He'd be dressed in green and bragging, the clod,
How he was the Greatest from the Old Irish Sod.
How all of the Caseys, from Old Ireland would say,
That the Caseys had started this St. Patrick's Day.
So McGinty, he waited till old Casey showed up,
And he whipped the Great Casey, like a cowering pup!
Then Casey, he ran, no more could he bear,
Sure, and It's True, Cause McGinty Was There!!!

E. H. Coe 1980
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