Mom and Dad Loved going to The St. Patrick's Day Parade in Dublin, Ohio every year! Sometimes, Mom, Dad and Dad's Sisters would all go together!!
"St. Patrick's Day"

St. Patrick's Day, the Seventeenth,
The Irish will be Proud.
They'll march along, and sing their songs,
And form a happy crowd.

With songs like, "Who The Devil Put
The Pants In Murphy's Chowder?"
For when they sing an Irish Song,
They'll sing it all the louder.

They'll also speak of Little Folks,
And of the Blarney Stone.
And when they do their talking,
It's in a Irish Tone.
They'll sing of all the Sweet Colleens,
From that Old Irish Shore.
And Talk about the Good Old Day's,
There on the Irish Moors.

This is  Their Day, this is Their Way,
These Wearer's of the Green.
And so This is the Way Thing's Go,
On March the Seventeenth!!

E. H. Coe 1972