My Granddaughter Macy, wrote these two poems. She is almost 11!!!!!  What a great job you did Macy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great Grandpa would have thought so too!!!!!!

Up so incredibly high,
Shining bright in the darkening sky.
So many of them are scattered,
Like a jar of glitter that's been shattered.

How could such beauty be made,
I thought as I watched the evening fade.
Each star made with delicate care,
With it's own special spot way up there.

Macy Mount 2007

Families waiting anxiously,
For the loved ones they hope to see.
Running from their cars,
Coming from the war afar.
Brave men in their uniforms,
Seeing many friendships form.
Fighting for the Land we love,
The Land of the Father, up above.

Macy Mount 2007