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That shining Cross,on that hill far away,
Where our Saviour died that fateful day.
To erase the sins of man, and then,
To be buried deep, to rise again.

This Cross, a symbol of love to me,
Where Jesus died to set man free.
Where God caused the very earth to shake,
The rocks and mountains to move and quake.

Here Jesus with His love and power,
Met His greatest, shining hour.
To die, thus setting all men free,
The black, the white, and you and me.

So see, this Cross in the lighted morn,
Where Jesus died, and a new life born.
For all men whose been given birth,
On this great sinful planet Earth.

And know He then chose you and me,
To tell all men, from sin they're free.
This was His plan as His life He lost,
Upon that dreadful, shining Cross.

E.H. Coe 1982

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