Here is another Santa poem that Dad wrote for the Grandkids!!! Wishing you all a
"Santa's Book"

Old Santa is resting, way up in the snow,
Deep in the land of the cold Eskimo.
Resting and waiting until the big day,
When all of the Elves will help load his sleigh.
Now while he is resting, he looks at this book,
This you'd believe, if you could just look.
For this book's the one, where the kids are all named,
Some marked for good, some marked for shame.
Now Santa has ways of finding things out,
Such as when you behave, or when you fret and pout.
This record he keeps, so he'll know what to bring,
On Christmas Eve, for he studies these things.
Now if you have been good, or if you've misbehaved,
Caused your Mother to scream, or old Dad to rave.
Or been good to old folks, and many things more,
Old Santa will know when he comes to your door.
So here's some advice, take it with care,
Be as good as you can, with a little to spare.
Then you can be sure, when he takes a look,
Your name will be right in Santa's Big Book!!

E.H. Coe 1974