Dad enjoyed writing about Santa Claus. This is a poem where he does just that!!
"Santa's Disgust"

Old Santa was limping back home with his pack,
Both legs a hurting, and pains in his back.
The sleigh ride was bumpy, his seater was sore,
Now Santa was surely fed up with this chore.
And I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight,
"If you want my opinion, it just don't seem right,
Cause I've been all night in that dog-gone sleigh,
While even the animals sleep in the hay".
"For when I get through leaving presents to all,
The grown-ups squawk and all the kids bawl.
So I think next year I'll throw a wing-ding,
And give gifts to the kids who don't get anything".

E.H. Coe 1978