Dad Loved feeding and watching the birds in their yard!! He even had a couple of bird books so he could see just what he was feeding!! Hope you enjoy these poems that Dad wrote about the robins!!!

Can you see the robin red,
Coming back for early Spring?
Knowing winter now is past,
Now to chirp and sing.
Building up his homey nest,
In branches of the tree.
Getting everything prepared,
For his family.
Then he'll chirp and sing all day,
Making everybody gay.
For he's happy with the world,
In his robin way.

E.H. Coe 1972
"Little Red Robin"

The little red robin, perched in our yard,
On it's little nest, and trying so hard
To keep her eggs warm, of which there are three,
While her mate sits and waits, in the old lillac tree.
The little red robin, in the cold April breeze,
Sits on her nest unprotected by trees
While her mate gathers insects and worms for her fare,
And feeds them to her as she is sitting there.

E.H. Coe 1972

"Robin's Three"

The robin's three are back again,
We saw them in the yard.
Two were getting worms you see,
While the other stood on guard.
They need not fear that we would harm
These harbinger's of Spring.
We're just glad to see them back,
And hear them chirp and sing.
Now they can stalk our yard all day,
And nest up in our trees.
For we like these red breast neighbor's,
We'll do our best to please.

E.H. Coe 1972
Anyone who  knew Dad, knew He LOVED to whistle!! He whistled all the time!!
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