This is a poem that Dad wrote about their dog and her name was Rings!!! In fact, we got our dogs together when they were just pups.They were sisters and we named ours Stori!!! Both of our dogs were loved very much!! Hope you like what Dad had to say!!!!

Now our dog Rings,
Lying there on the floor.
Where will she go,
When we open the door.
She's out like a flash,
A rabbit to run.
Or up the next street,
Just having fun.
Or down to the factory,
To be petted by all.
And she'll neither answer,
A whistle or call.
And when she is ready,
Back home she will track.
To scratch on the door,
So we'll know she is back.

E.H. Coe 1974
Click on the little girl to get your own virtual doggie!!!
This is a picture of Rings and Stori!! They were with us for 15 years!!!
Thank You So Much Andrea!!!