Dad was a Retired Railroader!! This page is for You, Dad!
Happy Father's Day!!!
We Love You!!!!
Hope you enjoy reading Dad's Poems!!!


Headlights shining in the darkness,
Brake's a squealing in the tracks.
Trains a coming, trains a going,
Diesel's moving forth and back.
Trains go out to distant cities,
Cut's move out to local plants.
Keep car's moving, that's the slogan,
While the Boss's growl and prance.
Working in all kind's of weather,
Trying hard to make the goal.
While there's always someone squawking,
It's enough to gripe your soul!
So after rain, snow, sleet and thunder,
Working for them till you're bored.
Prove to them you've done them justly,
Then you get your just reward.
For after thirty years of service,
And you prove you're sixty five,
You can get your paid for pension,
If by God's Grace you're alive!

E.H. Coe 1971
"Quitting Time"

If there ever was a time sublime,
It's got to be my quitting time.
No matter how perplexed the night,
Quitting time makes things all right.
For when it's time to start the night,
You always have it in your sights.
Quitting time, eight hours away,
And then you'll start another day!

E.H. Coe 1972

Seniors are folks we've known all our life,
With the same kind of problems,same kind of strife.
Who have fulfilled their dreams, their past is past,
Now taking it easy at long, long last.
They've done their share, in this work-a-day life,
Raising their families with the help of their wife.
So now peace and rest, surely is their's,
As they take it easy, forgetting life's cares!!

E.H. Coe 1982
This is a picture of Dad, taken a few months before he passed away in 1986.
Ralph is a Real Nice Guy and a Retired Railroader that I met after He read some of Dad's poems! Ralph Retired as a Railway Mail Clerk from the Railway Mail Service! AND, He also Writes Poetry and has a Beautiful Site!! Ralph Enjoys Writing Poetry Just Like Dad Did!!!
Happy Father's Day to All Fathers!!!
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