Dad started working for Pennsylvania R. R. in 1942 and retired from Penn-Central R. R. June 30, 1975. Mom and Dad Loved being Retired!! Besides enjoying Their Grandkids, They both Loved visiting people in Rest Homes and Hospitals,people who didn't have many visitors. They both Loved Going to Church, working in the garden, and many other things!!! And of course, Dad Loved Writing his Poems!!!! But, I think the thing They Loved the Most was going to Church and just being Together!!!
They did Enjoy Life!!!
"Retirement's Great"

Now after six years, retirement's great,
We go to bed early, get out of bed late.
We eat what we want, we do what we will,
We check with the doctors, and take all his pills.
We have Social Security,also Medicare,
Those awful expenses the Country must bear.
And if we are lucky, the best I can see,
Is a Rest Home, old buddy, for folks such as we!

E.H.Coe 1981

Retirement, the plan that's made,
To ease our aching backs.
To give us what they set aside,
Out of our own pay sacks.
Retirement, for thiry years,
We've sought you constantly.
To shake the shackles of our jobs,
To then at last be free.
Retirement, it always seemed,
So very far away.
And now, at last, the goal is reached,
This is retirement day.
Retirement, at last we're free,
From a job, we did not shirk.
So what do we do with our time?
We hunt again for work.

E.H.Coe 1973


We work and sweat for years and years,
Then suddenly we find,
Without us hardly knowing it
We're thirty years behind.

So now comes this retirement,
We've dreamed of, sought for years.
So step right up and grab it friend,
While we all give three cheers.

This life of luxury, you have earned,
Enjoy it all you can.
The job you did, you did real good,
So will another man.

And he will struggle, labor, sweat,
Till thirty years are past.
Then he'll take his retirement,
And think, It's here at last.

E.H.Coe 1973

"Retirement Pay"

On the first of the month,when you retire,
You start right out, like you're on fire.
Get to the Post Office, fast as you can,
For your retirement pay, this is the plan.
Get to the bank, cash it when signed,
Before Our Great President, changes his mind!!

E.H.Coe 1982

"Our Pension"

A thirty year Pension,is what we want,
At Fifty-five years of age.
We would like to enjoy retirement,
Before we make the death notice page!!

E.H.Coe 1972
"As You Retire"

We hope that your retirement,
Will prove to be just great.
That you'll do exactly what you want,
With no one to aggravate.
May you rise in health, sleep in peace,
Be blessed by many friends.
For then you'll find retirement's,
The beginning, not the end.

E.H.Coe 1981
A marvel of technology, diesel locomotives were introduced in New York City, in the mid 20's. By the 30's, they were the choice of passengers nationwide. The diesel locomotive's internal combustion engine was the basis for today's super-fast high speed rail travel. All aboard!!!
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" I May Never Pass This Way Again"