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This is a poem where Dad is remembering what Christmas was like when he was a young boy. I remember too, the pieces that we would have to learn!!!! Hope you enjoy this poem and that it brings back some
fond memories!!!

In the awful hurry, scurry
At this time of the year.
When everyone is rushing, rushing
Driven most to tears.

We should stop and try to think
Back to a few short years ago.
When all we would have wanted
Was a sled to match the snow.

And a plain old dressed up dolly
How dear it seemed to Sis.
She would hug it tight and squeeze it
And give it such a kiss.

And a half pound box of candy
From the church just seem to say.
You're going to have a wonderful
Old fashion Christmas Day.

How we practiced Christmas pieces
After we left school each night.
And we practiced, still from memory
Each poem was said just right.

And then the Christmas program
When there'd be such a crowd.
All our relatives and parents
Sitting there real proud.

Then we would speak our pieces
And sing our Christmas songs.
The ones that we had practiced
For so very, very long.

And no one hurried, scurried
In those days, don't you see.
If we could only do this now
What a Christmas this would be.

E. H. Coe 1971