Like I have said before, Mom and Dad grew up together. They were married March 23rd. 1936, at Richmond, Indiana. Here are two poems that Dad wrote to Mom!!!

Some times we all do, I suspect,
Sit back thinking, and reflect.
Upon our past, things that we've done,
Some things sad, and some things fun.
If we had it to do again,
Do you suppose we'd make a change?
I doubt it for my life's been fine,
Mixing your life up with mine.
We've made mistakes, no one's to blame,
But we don't hang our head in shame.
For all our lives, we've both been true,
Both you to me, and I to you.

E.H. Coe 1973

"My Love"

I Love My Love, with all My Love,
I Love My Love you see.
My Love Loves Me, with All Her Love,
The way it ought to be.

E.H. Coe 1972

Dad was born July 28, 1914 and Mom was born July 31, 1917. Here are some facts about the year, 1917!!
American men ages 21-30 were required to register for the draft (medical students exempted)
British gave voting rights to women over 30

President: Woodrow Wilson (D)
Vice President: Thomas R. Marshall (D)

Oregon shut out Pennsylvania 14-0 in the third
Rose Bowl
John McGraw got a record $50,000 per year to manage the Giants
Jockey, C. Borel, won the Kentucky Derby
White Sox won World Series 4-2 against Giants on the sixth game

Busoni's opera "Turandot"
Jazz flourished in Chicago

John F. Kennedy, 35th. U.S. President
Lena Horne, American blues singer
Andrew Wyeth, American painter
Robert Mitchum, U.S. actor
Dizzy Gillespie, jazz trumpeter
Kirk Douglas, U.S. actor

Postage Stamp...$.03
Milk (quart)...$.10
Bread(1 pound loaf)...$.09