Dad Loved all kinds of Birds!! Here are two poems that He wrote about the "Red Bird" or "Cardinal"!!
"Red Bird"

Red Bird or Cardinal, in your bright array,
Here at the feeder at least twice a day.
Your mate with you always, though not so bright,
Together you make a pretty sight.
Flying about in cold winter sky,
Paying no mind as cold winds rush by.
Gathering seeds and waiting, just to sing,
The moment you feel warm winds of Spring.

E.H. Coe 1978
"Red Bird"

Red Bird, Red Bird,
What a pretty sight.
Flying in the summer time,
Neath a sun so bright.
Red Bird, Red Bird,
Flying to and fro.
Living in the winter time,
Mid the ice and snow.

E.H. Coe 1981
The Cardinal is the State Bird of Ohio and Kentucky!! But, I didn't know that the Cardinal is also the State Bird of Illinois, Indiana, North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia!!!
Click on the Cardinal to visit Mary's Ohio site!!! Mary lives very close to Lake Erie!!!
Thank You again, Andrea!!!