Dad retired from Penn-Central Railroad June 30th. 1975. These are poems that he wrote while he was still working. Dad was a Clerk and a Yardmaster for the Railroad.
"The Railroader"

The Railroader goes out in the rain,
To keep the job together.
He doesn't get a chance you know,
To pick his kind of weather.
It may be cold, it may be dark,
The weather may be zero.
But out he goes, this is his job,
Not cause he's a hero.
He has a family to support,
A family he can't fail.
So out he goes in rain or snow,
Or sleet or sun or hail.
And after all his years outside,
His job done to a letter.
The Company has one name for him,
A loafing Feather-Bedder.

E.H. Coe 1971
"Section Men"

Section men have one tough job,
Especially during snows.
They have to keep the switches clear,
Of all the snow that blows.

They certainly have a thankless job,
Yet if it is not done,
We would have no job at all,
For the Railroad would not run.

E.H. Coe 1972

The Company wants to run the show,
And tell you where and how to go.
Now they should get this all done fast,
With seven men and twenty brass.

They kick and gripe about their losses,
And yet we have too many bosses.
For one old horse to pull a plow,
Who needs nine farmers to tell him how.

E.H. Coe 1972

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