Dad retired from the Penn-Central Railroad, in Hilliard Ohio, June 30th. 1975, after 30 years of Service. Dad worked as a Railroad Clerk until he was promoted to Yardmaster. The guys all enjoyed working for Dad and worked well for him. They all liked Dad so much!!! After the higher ups wanted Dad to treat his men mean and nasty, Dad went back to being a Clerk. He just couldn't do that to the men who worked under him. And, that is how the younger higher ups earned their name from Dad. Educated Idiots!!!!! Here are poems that Dad wrote about his working days!!!
"Railroad Clerk"

To hear them tell, he's just a jerk,
I'm speaking of the Railroad Clerk.
But when computers go to heck,
The clerk's the one who has to check,
And walk the tracks in railroad scenes,
To find mistakes, made by machines.
And trouble caused by automation,
That's placed in each and every station.
So that they can do the work,
Of the not much needed, Railroad Clerk.
And if some time slips go astray,
And someone comes up short in pay.
Who do they always have to blame,
You're right, the Clerk's the one they name.
To get the payroll straightened out,
It takes a Clerk, there is no doubt.
For he's the one who finds a way,
To straighten out the fouled up pay.
And when you ask, can you lay in,
You ask a Clerk, it's up to him.
But if the boss says make them work,
They blame it on the Railroad Clerk.

E.H.Coe 1972

The Brakeman goes out in the rain,
To tie the track together.
He doesn't get a chance you know,
To pick his kind of weather.
It may be cold, it may be dark,
The weather may be zero.
So out he goes, this is his job,
Not cause he's a hero.
He has a family to support,
A family he can't fail.
So out he goes in the rain or snow,
Or sleet or sun or hail.
And after all his years outside,
His job done to a letter,
The railroad has one name for him,
A loafing Feather-bedder!!

E.H. Coe 1971

He's at a desk,
In a tower high,
Directing moves,
As they go by.
And he's in charge,
Of all the yard,
And is also held,
In high regard.
He runs the crews,
And makes things pop,
And sometimes, sure,
He blows his top!!!

E.H.Coe 1972
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