Here is a poem that Dad wrote about Practicing. Austin, My 12 year old Grandson, rides this type of dirt bike. He Wants to Race One Day!!! Hope you like this one!!!

Practice makes perfect,
A fact that is proved.
Practice and practice,
Puts you right in the groove.
The more that you practice,
The better it's done.
So practice and practice,
Until you have won!!!

E.H.Coe 1972
Todd, Our Son-in-law, races and He Loves It!!! So, it's No Wonder Austin Loves Riding So Well!!! Just Remember What Great Grandpa said Austin!!! Hope You both like this page!!!
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Here is Todd in Action!!! Just kidding!!!
This is Austin's Favorite Song!!!
Thank You So Much Louise!!!
This is Austin and His New Bike!! Austin did start racing Last Summer, 2002!!
Good Luck Austin!!!