This is a poem that Dad wrote about one of our sales that My Sister and I had!! We both LOVE going to ALL kinds of Sales! We would  rather go than have one but, this is what Dad had to say!! I've said before that Dad could write about Everything!!!
"Porch Sale"
Gather everything you can, bring it to the sale,
Gather all the odds and ends, because we need the kale.
Clothes not worn anymore, dishes, pots and jars,
Pile them upon the porch, no one will we bar!

Old shoes, toys, most anything, we will sell today,
Old bottles, books, just everything, you have hidden away.
Folks will come from miles around, you see, it never fails,
When you put out the sign which reads,
"Stop Here, Big Porch Sale"!!

E.H. Coe 1978
Here are two more poems that Dad wrote about "Our Life"!!!

One small change, in things we do,
Makes a heavy load.
We found this out the other day,
The day they closed the road.
For when the road was closed, you see,
It took miles to get around.
Which was not an easy way,
As everybody found.
The old road, which had seemed so bad,
Was sorely missed by all
The people in our country town,
From old down to the small.
And so it is with life, you see,
Change one thing and we find,
It irritates, and bothers us,
And takes our peace of mind.
Yet when the change is completely made,
And put unto the test,
We find that things that's planned for us,
Always turns out Best.

E.H. Coe 1972
"Country Living"

Country living is for me,
Also for my family.
We once were covered in a town,
With fog and smog and noise around.
And houses piled back to back,
A hundred cars, to pop and crack.
We never heard the song bird's sing,
And never saw the bird's on wing.
We'd ne'er go back, for we'd be giving,
Up this Great, Grand Country Living.

E.H. Coe 1972
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