Mom Loved Raggedy Ann and Andy!!! In this poem,
Dad is talking about looking at pictures. I am so glad that I have so many pictures of them to look at!!!
Hope you like this one!!!
This one's for you Mom!!!

Seeing pictures of the past,
Bring pleasant memories.
How quickly we find, does time pass,
As we look back at these.
All them gathered in a book,
Cherished there by all.
Pictures taken at a brook,
Or by a water fall.
Pictures of Dear One's we Loved,
Those many years ago.
Some's been taken up above,
Others with us grow.
Older, and we still enjoy,
These pictures of the past.
For memories of by gone days,
Are memories that last.

E. H. Coe. 1974

This page is also dedicated to my sister Sonn!!! She Loves Raggedy Ann too!!! She lives in Florida.
I Love and Miss  You !!!!!
Hope you like this one!!!!!

Raggedy Ann was created by storyteller Johnny Gruelle, in 1915, whose pictures and stories about a rag doll helped sustain his daughter's spirits through a childhood illness. These stories _ infused with a father's pure, simple love- became immortal.