"Our Boy"

We have a boy, a good boy.
A fine boy you might say.
He pleases us, so very much,
In every single way.
He's not to busy for the old,
He'll stop and talk to them.
The small ones they all like him so,
He's gentle and a friend.
He works hard on what he does,
To waste time is a sin.
A very good man he will make,
He has the stuff in him.

E.H.Coe 1972
Mom and Dad had three children. But, they raised one more. Gilbert, or as we call him, Bud!!! In Dad's own words,  "Raised Son, Gilbert, whom I loved as my own". And, we have always felt the same way!!!
You're a Great Guy Bud!! We All  Love You!!!
Thanks for Everything!!!!