This, I Think,Is Another Good Poem that Dad Wrote!! I Hope You Think So Too!!!
Mix love and smiles, it come's recommended,
To help cure ill feelings, sorrow and dread.
Let love and kindness, seek out your neighbors,
Use a soft heart, and not a hard head.
Be kind and gentle, to all those around you,
Love freely given, brings joy in return.
Love and joy here, is the gateway to Heaven,
Smiles, signs of kindness, sorrow will spurn.

E.H. Coe 1973
"Open The Gate"

If you live in a castle, lower the draw-bridge,
If you live in a cottage, open the gate.
Get to know people, who live all around you,
Watch as expressions  of love, turns from hate.
Dad's Birthday is July 28th.  and Mom's Birthday is July 31st. Since I will be 58 this year, and yes, I told my age!!!, I wanted You to read a poem that Dad wrote when He was 58.
We Were So Very Lucky To Have Mom And Dad As Our Parents!! They were THE BEST!!!!

At fifty-eight, I feel the same,
As when my kids were small.
I'm sure the kids don't feel the same,
They've grown so large and tall.
And they have children, of their own,
And problems too, to match.
For I know just how hard it is,
To fight and dig and scratch.
But they'll raise their's, as I did mine,
And they'll find it's great,
To look round at the ones they love,
When they are fifty-eight!

E.H. Coe 1972