With Football Season just beginning , I  thought You might enjoy a poem that Dad wrote about a football coach from Millersport High School! Coach George Murphy coached the "Lakers" from 1960 until 1974!! In 1965, the "Lakers" had an undefected team and NOT scored on Season!!  The "Laker" Team was one of the few in Ohio History, to go unbeaten and unscored upon!!! After Coach Murphy left Millersport High School, He passed away at a young age on a golf course. Our whole town was saddened. Hope You do enjoy this poem that Dad wrote about Coach Murphy!
"One Hundred Wins"

One hundred wins, the record's great,
The cold statistics show.
But look at efforts that were made,
To make this record so.
Look at the lives that were molded by
This man with all the wins,
See all the boys, now grown men,
Improved by knowing him.
His satisfaction must have been deep,
As he looked back through the years,
To all the victories that were theirs,
Mingled with the tears.
The heat, the cold, the critics too,
The crowds, the cheers, the din.
The heart breaks and the Friday nights,
That made One Hundred Wins.

E.H. Coe 1973
Notice the "Laker" Anchor!!!
Thank you, Millersport High School!
This was taken from the "program" of the Memorial Service that Millersport High School had for Coach Murphy.
The memory of our former football coach, George Murphy, is being honored tonight. George Murphy was an outstanding coach, but he influenced the lives of so many of his players and students. As Coach Murphy had given so much of himself to our school, our community and all who knew him, we felt we should give some lasting memorial in his honor.
Thus, a new press box was built and our football field will now be known as
Murphy Field.
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I'm sure that most Men,and some Ladies, will recognize this midi!!