Mom and Dad enjoyed driving around and seeing the Covered Bridges in Ohio and Fairfield County! This is another poem that Dad wrote about Covered Bridges! Hope you enjoy It!!

"The Old Covered Bridge"

The old covered bridge, on the old country road,
Brings back memories of long, long ago.
Of the days in the past, when we fondly recall,
How the horses pulled sleighs through the snow.
When over the river and through the woods,
To Grandmother's house we went.
Through this old covered bridge, on the old country road,
In this long, past, dear World of content.

E. H. Coe 1982
This is the "Charles Holliday Bridge". It was the last bridge standing in Walnut Township. Built in 1897 by J.W. Buchanan, it originally crossed over Walnut Creek on Lake Rd. The 92' multi-Kingpost span was reconstructed in 1982 at its current location at Millersport Ohio on the Millersport Lions Sweet Corn Festival Grounds.
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"Millersport Sweet Corn Festival" and the
"Fairfield County Fair", the last fair in the State of Ohio!!
"McLeery Bridge" is on  Pleasantville Rd, just south of Baltimore, Ohio, in Greenfield Township! It is a single span multiple Kingpost truss.
Built in 1864, moved, 1983.
This is the "Rock Mill Covered Bridge", located N. W. of Lancaster, Ohio! This Bridge was built in 1901. Truss Type: Queenpost (Q). On the road still!!
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